This week we will be returning to the spring theme of growing and changing as well as celebrating science week with some testing of ideas, smoke creating and exploration of different slime recipes! During the forthcoming week the children will be creating their own herb scented play dough as they develop their funky fingers whilst […]



Family stories, playdough and getting a call!

This week we will be having lots of fun talking about our families, who is in our family, where they live and how each family is different. We will be listening to lots of different stories that tell us about families in different situations and talking about if our families are like these. Please can […]



Over the next week we will be continuing with the theme you and me but encouraging the children to really focus upon friends and getting along with other people. The children will be making junk model creations of their friends (please raid your recycling bins for any boxes, tubes, milk carton lids etc), working with […]

Coats, scarfs, wellies and shoes

Hats, gloves, warm coats and wellies boots – Please can you try and make sure your child has all the necessary things to keep warm and dry during the winter months. We do have a few spare hats and gloves but not enough for everyone. Soft shoes to wear in Pre-School – With the weather […]

A Helping Hand


You and me!

Your children all amazed us with their willingness to guess and smell the variety of different aromas we had on offer. To see what your children liked please pop in and have a look at the results from the smell test. This week the doctor’s surgery is now an optician as we continue with our […]

Stay and play!

During the forthcoming week and continuing with our ‘You and Me’ focus, the children will be looking at their faces and comparing eye and hair colour with their friends, celebrating that everyone is different and unique. We will be conducting a smell test and asking the children to identify the smells, as well as talk […]



Last week of term!

As we being the last week of term of this autumn term we will be continuing with lots of Christmas crafts, baking and glitter fun. The children will also be singing our nativity songs and have a little run through of our nativity before the big event on Wednesday. We have our Pre-School Christmas party […]

Santa’s Workshop

The children have fully embraced the Christmas theme and loved creating in ‘Santa’s workshop’. During the next week the children will be encouraged to join in with many other Christmas themed activities ranging from using their funky fingers to create pomanders; supporting number recognition and counting with tree fun; develop turn taking skills as they […]



A Party in Bethlehem!

The sparkle and excitement of Christmas has arrived at Pre-School! Over the next two weeks the children will be learning the songs for our one off and not to be missed ‘Nativity’. This year it is called ‘A Party in Bethlehem’. Once we have confirmation of who is going to be at the nativity on […]

Applying for School places

If your child is due to start school in September 2018 you need to apply for their school place by mid-January 2018. The best way to apply is online but we do have a few paper forms at Pre-School. If you miss the January deadline there is a risk you will not get a place […]

30 hours entitlement

If you are intending to apply for the 30 hour free entitlement please remember applications need to be in by the 30th November to ensure you receive the additional 15 hours. If you need any assistance please contact Isla (accounts ) on