A Party in Bethlehem!

The sparkle and excitement of Christmas has arrived at Pre-School! Over the next two weeks the children will be learning the songs for our one off and not to be missed ‘Nativity’. This year it is called ‘A Party in Bethlehem’. Once we have confirmation of who is going to be at the nativity on the last day of term we will assign parts and let everyone know what special outfits are required. It is always a great end of term and a wonderful way to start Christmas. I know that some children do not like being in the limelight and dressing up can be rather daunting. To help with this we actually have some ‘Pre-School’ children parts where the children come dressed as they normally do. The staff are all present and take active roles (even this is ushering children up the aisle!) and we hope that Class R will be able to join us in the audience.

During the forthcoming week Christmas will act as a great stimulus for our activities and fun. The role play corner has been transformed into ‘Santa’s workshop’ where the children will love using the tools to build and construct whilst also playing with the wooden toys. There is a post office equipped with a postbox where the children can busy themselves writing letters, lists, sending packages or just happily creating or spending money! The children will also be exploring numbers as they compare quantities of toys in the stockings; explore mark making as they write their own father Christmas letters; support funky fingers as they create play dough reindeer; explore healthy eating as they create fruit Christmas trees; develop awareness of using tools safely as they create stick Santa’s and, making Christmas themed bird feeders to hang outside to keep our feathery friends happy during Winter. For more information as to what we are doing please take a look at the notice board at Pre-School