About Us

Ramsbury Pre-school operates five days per week from the Methodist School Room, Oxford Street, Ramsbury. We provide early education in a safe and fun environment for children of Ramsbury and surrounding villages to ensure successful transition from home, toddler groups and nursery to primary school.

In our recent Ofsted report (December 2015) we were thrilled to receive a “Good” grade. The Inspector said,

“Children enjoy their time at the pre-school. The environment is well organised to
provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. As a result, children develop a positive
attitude towards their learning.

Staff promote children’s communication and language skills well as they speak clearly
to the children, providing a commentary about what they are doing and asking them
lots of questions, which encourages children to think.

The strong partnership with parents and other professionals ensures that the preschool
staff meet children’s individual care and learning needs well.

The committee and staff have a firm commitment to sustaining continuous
improvement through self-evaluation and monitoring.”


We aim to offer places for all children planning to attend Ramsbury Primary School from the age of 3 and have strong links with the head teacher and teaching staff at the school. Read more about our links with Ramsbury Primary School here.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange to view our facilities and the pre-school in action, please do not hesitate to call us during our school hours.