S_binocularsRamsbury Pre-School is a charity and is run by a team of two halves. The staff are highly trained and dedicated and organise the curriculm and supervision of the children and setting. The administration and wider and long term goals of the pre-school are delivered by a team of dedicated volunteers who form the committee. The committee controls the finances, fundraising, overall HR and marketing roles. In addition our committee is currently working on commissioning and building new premises for the school which will include a much enlarged and improved outdoor space.

The committee is made up of parents of past, present and future children of the pre-school as well as other member of the community who have kindly donated their skills and time for the benefit of the children. You can download our NewConstitution2013

The committee is always looking for new members who will add their unique contribution to the team. Join us, meet new people, get involved and have some fun!

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