Buy a Brick, Building a New Pre-School.

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#FF0000 Raised 420,000 £ towards the 445,000 £ target.

…actually, not just about bricks, but a plethora of essential components that will come together to provide Ramsbury Pre-School with a wonderful new home for years to come.

Pre-School is already known for the fun, safe, and happy environment it provides for our children. Rated ‘Good’ by OFSTED our dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff work tirelessly every day to raise that level to outstanding. With the development of a fit-for-purpose building, we have the opportunity to create a bespoke space fulfilling all the regulations and legislation. This will go further to support the learning and development of our children and grandchildren. We are seeking any and all contributions towards our new home. All donations are entitled to add a public inscription to our “Thank You” plaque, of up to 15 characters for donations between £25-£99 and 30 characters for donations £100+, recognising your kind generosity in perpetuity, or alternatively donators can stay anonymous. We are also able to claim Gift Aid from the government of 20% please do tick the box if you are a UK tax payer and would would like us to do this on your behalf. Full details are on the downloadable form below, or pick up a paper copy from the Ramsbury Post Office, Chairty Shop, Bella Cafe, Ramsbury Library or Pre-School itself.

Scroll down to see below a list of things we need. All our online giving is through PAYPAL. They do take a percentage of our donations, however small, so if you would rather pay by BACs or cheque please see the download or paper form for all the details.

click here to download the Ramsbury_PreSchool_Buy_A_Brick form

Our ‘construct-a-preschool’ recipe requires the following ingredients:

Preschool-bricks3634Brick(s) – high on the essentials list are walls and the walls will be made of bricks, lots and lots of them! Or possibly wood panelling… Then there will be stud work, plaster board, a light skimming of plaster, and finally paint, really good washable paint to clean up after generations of sticky-fingered pre-schoolers. Not to mention that the walls will need to be sandwiched together with buckets of insulation. We like to cover our inside walls with the children’s work, creating an inspiring environment that reinforces thier learning whether it be numbers or colours, animals or fire engines. We also like to use the outside walls to attach blackboards for mark making, flower pots and bug hotels for learning about the natural world and we have some nifty all weather posters on how to spot the footprints of local wildlife that we might spot on our welly walks around the village and surrounding countryside.

Preschool-bricks3632Windows – We need lovely ones that let the light pour in and the air flow through. Double- or triple-glazed for better insulation in winter would be perfect. Also some curtains or blinds. At Pre-School we are keen to connect the children with our beautiful surroundings, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Most of our windows will over-look the outside play area and will serve to entice the children to spend more time playing outside, honing balancing and movement skills, gaining stamina and getting muddy in the mud kitchen!

Doors – Well if we don’t get many donations we can make a cost saving here by using large-sized cat flaps and knee-pads! But ideally we’d like enough for at least one door. A pair would be perfect. We would like a front door with a letter box and back doors on to the play area. The back doors will stand open a lot of the time with free-flow access for the children to get outside and play and explore and learn. We will hang transparent insulating plastic door curtains that will keep the rain, wind, cold, heat and troublesome flying bugs out! This will make our main rooms a consistently comfortable space to be in.

Preschool-bricks3650Preschool-bricks3649Toilets – It could be argued that in a preschool the toilet does not get used quite as often or as properly as it perhaps should… However, ever optimistic, we would like to install three (or as many as we can fit in) little, itty-bitty toilets for our thirty children, one full-sized disabled toilet for adults and those with mobility issues, plus a changing area for two-year-olds who are not yet potty trained. The plan is to create a rest room with little stalls with doors for privacy, outside the stalls a row of low-level wash basins and a window from the main room looking onto the basins giving clear visibility to staff at all times so the children aren’t unsupervised around water.

Taps and sinks– What could possibly be a better match for our toilets, other than steam-cleanable, bleachable flooring, than child-height low-level basins! Each with a temperature-restricted water-saving push-on timer tap to prevent scalding and flooding.

Roof – If you need an explanation as to why we need a roof you clearly don’t live in England. It rains here… a lot. A lot of a lot. If Lego® made guttering and drain pipes they would be listed here too because without deluge and drizzle management we’ll have a swimming pool and not a pre-school.

Preschool-bricks3668Heating and Plumbing – Yes please! We are hoping to get some lovely eco-friendly products donated or bought through grants that will enable our power usage to be sustainable and cheap! So depending on these our actual heating system will change. But ultimately we are looking for a system that heats the rooms and the water but doesn’t over heat our bank account. Warm water is essential for cleaning the preschool and little grubby hands. Heating will enable the play rooms to be warm and welcoming, especially the quiet room which may be used for naps for little ones, and a good room temperature will enable lots of playing without movement restricting, multiple layers of clothing getting in the way.

Flooring – We are planning hard-wearing, easy-to-disinfect linoleum-style flooring, with rugs for sitting on to read stories, sing songs, and for circle time. The idea is to make the playroom and quiet rooms feel warm and welcoming for staff and children.

Preschool-bricks3656Kitchen – At Ramsbury Pre-School we supply a healthy snack for all children every day. We prep and tidy up this in the kitchen where we need a fridge and sink and cupboards. We also do a lot of cooking with the children as it is a fantastic way to learn life skills like measuring and cutting, mixing and learning about what our food is made of. Our favourite recipes at the moment are vegetable soup, fruit smoothies and cheese sandwiches as well as the odd biscuit.

Batmobile – One of those essentials that you go without for years and then you borrow your friend’s and can’t imagine how you lived without one! A must have: complete with satnav, oil slicks, smoke screens, ejector seats…every pre-school trip needs one.

Building Name – Quite frankly, for a hugely generous donation we are willing to let you name the building. The name can commemorate anything or anyone you like – although the pre-school committee, in conjunction with the Parish Council, reserve the right to refuse names that may cause confusion or offense. The name on the building will be there for posterity, forever recorded in the Royal Mail archives and on every letter to or from us.

But none of this will be possible without your support. The pre-school is, and has been, a cornerstone of Ramsbury for many years and, with your help, can continue to be so, but within its own purpose-built home. Please give generously to help us support and nurture the children of the village for years to come.