Can you help?

Ramsbury Pre-School is a charity, only able to operate due to a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers who make up the Pre-School committee. Without Trudi Taylor (chair), Paul Segal (treasurer), Alison Fellows (Secretary) and other committee members including Shelly Baverstoke-Seaman, Sophie Martin, Averil Finn and Helen Foley the Pre-School would not legally be able to operate. This academic year is a hugely exciting year but is also extremely dependent upon the Pre-School committee, New Build committee and Emma Gagen, the Head of Pe-School,  pulling together to tackle all the tasks that need sorting to enable an effective building and transition to a purpose built building. So we are asking for your help. Do you have website design experience? Are you able to help us source white goods at a good price? Do you know someone who is qualified to join the staff? Do you have book keeping experience? Can you offer guidance on ICT storage? There are a number of ways you can get involved and help the core committee make things happen. We also need your help in running fundraising events. As we try to keep our costs low and provide affordable early years education for families we rely upon fund raising throughout the year to enable us to add the little extra sparkles (e.g Christmas party fun, cooking throughout the year, updating of equipment and the outside space etc). Next Saturday is the Ramsbury Primary School Christmas Fayre and Pre-School is running the chocolate tombola. At present, we do not have sufficient help to run the stall or enough chocolate. It is always a great event with lots to do. If you have half an hour when you could help (it is always very popular and sells out quickly) and can supply some chocolate the committee and myself would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.