Family stories, playdough and getting a call!

This week we will be having lots of fun talking about our families, who is in our family, where they live and how each family is different. We will be listening to lots of different stories that tell us about families in different situations and talking about if our families are like these. Please can you send in an image of your family so your child can add these to the talking wall. The children will also be making tube families encouraging purposeful mark making; enjoying some dough gym as they develop their gross and fine motor skills; explore the phoneme at the beginning of their name and learn the action as well as starting to learn how to mark make their name with playdough, paint and in icing sugar; exploring shaving foam colour mixing without getting mucky! ; creating family trees with sticks; and making our own mobile phone using numbers. We will be talking to the children about what a phone is and how they can be used. We would like the children (in groups) to make a call to some parents to answer the question that the parents ask. This will help the children learn about using numbers as well as everyday technology. So please think of a question and ping it over to the Head. The best questions will get a call!