Over the next week we will be continuing with the theme you and me but encouraging the children to really focus upon friends and getting along with other people. The children will be making junk model creations of their friends (please raid your recycling bins for any boxes, tubes, milk carton lids etc), working with their friends to solve the challenge of how they can cross the Pre-School river (fabric) without getting their toes snapped by the crocodiles. The children will be working with a partner to enjoy marble painting and using their funky fingers to create a friendship bracelet for one of their friends at Pre-School. They will explore different smells as they create friendship potions whilst talking about what a friend is and how we can be a good friend. The children love looking at books and to help support their early reading skills we will be making our own books all to do with our friends at Pre-School. In addition the children will be completing paired colour mixing, parachute games and a joint painting adventure to display some of our friendship work. Further information on the activities and fun we have planned can be found on the Pre-School entrance wall as you enter Pre-School.