Handa’s Hen

A big thank you to those who helped on the chocolate tombola stall and to those who visited the Christmas fayre on Saturday. It was lovely to see so many of you there and for them to show you where we go on our regular visits to school.

This week, our last week before we hit Christmas festivities, we will continue to focus upon the far away lands of Africa and Kenya through the wonderfully illustrated stories of Handa. This week we will introduce the children to the number focused book of ‘Handa’s Hen’. The children will recreate and retell the story through the help of a story map whilst encouraging them to identify their special age number. We will also be looking at the village of Ramsbury and create our own number storymap of things we see as we visit the school. The children will explore numbers to 10n through play, encouraging them to compare who has the most/least. The children will join in with simple singing rhymes including 3 blind mice and create items to support their learning. On top of this the children will be creating finger print patterns to support their muscle development, use scissors to cut through the grass to see what is hiding, explore patterns of sounds with body percussion and instruments, use a range of media to create a range of animals…

We will also be starting to sing a few Christmas songs and think about our end of term nativity!