Handa’s Surprise!

This week we are traveling to the beautiful continent of Africa as we explore the wonderfully illustrated story of Handa’s surprise. The children have had a brief introduction to Africa as we have recently sent a personalised book to Lawra in Ghana (through the ATE charity) about our Pre-School elephant, Emily Elephant and the adventures […]


We’re looking for passionate, professional and enthusiastic people.

Ramsbury Pre-School is looking for passionate, professional and enthusiastic people to join us as we move into our brand new building in the heart of Ramsbury Village. We believe that a strong team is the key to offering the best childcare, and work hard to offer all our staff continued professional development. If you are qualified […]

…and the Gruffalo’s Child!

As we approach the third week in this term we are continuing with our book theme and following on from the very enjoyable and successful ‘Gruffalo’ theme we are looking at the story ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. One big focus will be to encourage the children to talk about them as a baby and how they […]



Gruffalo week!

This week our book focus will be ‘The Gruffalo’ with a little firework magic along the way. The children will kick start the week with a little describing of fireworks, how they made us feel and a little whizz pop number fun. The children will also be encouraged to get a little messy and to […]

New Mobile Number for Pre-School

Pre-School has a new mobile phone. The number is 07379861779. We will use the mobile where we are out on visits or on walks around the village, and if required to send group texts to update you all on any possible Pre-School closures. There is also now an answering service on the land-line number.


Lots of room on the broom!

We hope you have all enjoyed a fabulous half term break and enjoyed some of the glorious autumn sunshine. We are all very excited about the start of the new term and keen to hear all about your children’s adventures. Please send them in with any objects they have found, a picture of their adventures […]


This week we will be enjoying the short week with fun and colourful celebrations all linked with the festival ‘Diwali’. We are thrilled to welcome Mamta Canning into Pre-School on Monday morning to lead some Diwali dancing and to talk about what her family do to celebrate Diwali. The children will listen to a range […]


Carpet time

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The sun shone us this past week and the children loved all the bear hunt activities. Due to the popularity of bears we are moving on to ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. The children will continue to mix and create their own porridge creations (a real hit with the children if somewhat messy!); explore soft […]

Under, over and through!

What a dinosaurtastic time we all had last week. I am pleased to say the children’s dinosaur stew (water, dirt, leaves, feathers, stones mixed with great care and love) was well received by the passing dinosaurs! This week our book focus will take us under, over, and through as we embark upon a week full […]




After talking to the children about which storybook they would like to explore the resounding subject of popularity was anything to do with dinosaurs! So this week we are taking the children back to prehistoric times and explore the world of dinosaurs. The children will be using their funky fingers to add spines to a […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 17th September 2017

Thank you to those who have already sent or emailed in photographs for our ‘Talking Wall’. This has proven a great source of chatter and excitement especially during snack time and the children have loved talking to their friends about their special pets or favourite animals. This week following the children’s interest in bugs (avid […]


Notice of Annual General Meeting

Our 2017 AGM will be held on Wednesday 11th October at the old Kidston-Trigg shop on the Square, starting at 8.00pm.  Please come and join us for a discussion about the year and a conversation about plans for the future.  AGM poster 2017

We have a floor! 14th September 2017

Lost of interest as the beams for the floor were winched in to the site and put in place. We can start to see the shape of the new building now.


Dear Zoo, 10th September 2017

We hope your children enjoyed their first week at Pre-School. It was lovely to meet some new faces and to catch up with those familiar faces after our summer break. This week our focus remains on the repetitive and firm favourite story, ‘Dear Zoo’ . The children were all keen to tell us about any […]