This week we will be returning to the spring theme of growing and changing as well as celebrating science week with some testing of ideas, smoke creating and exploration of different slime recipes! During the forthcoming week the children will be creating their own herb scented play dough as they develop their funky fingers whilst also discovering which herb smells they like the most. There will be some bean planting encouraging the children to think about what plants need to grow, where we should place them to help them to grow and as they grow, the children will be tracking their growth, marking each little step. The children will be given daily challenges to engage their inquisitive minds starting off with ‘How can we free the bears from the ice?’ on Monday. Through these challenge times we endeavour to spark children’s imaginations and interest and help them to remain focused and on task. The children will also be given a variety of opportunities to paint images of flowers using pegs with cotton wool, mixing powder paint and mark making with brushes, using pipettes and dropping paint. On top of this we will growing cress, cooking up some noodle creations, printing with citrus fruits, role playing a garden centre come fruit market and supporting cooperation and turn taking with small group games. Further information can be found in the entrance area at Pre-School.