Stay and play!

During the forthcoming week and continuing with our ‘You and Me’ focus, the children will be looking at their faces and comparing eye and hair colour with their friends, celebrating that everyone is different and unique. We will be conducting a smell test and asking the children to identify the smells, as well as talk about which smells they like/dislike. We will be taking the children outside to create natural face collages and collecting natural materials to create playdough faces. The children will be using the iPads to turn themselves into a Superhero and linked to this will be celebrating all the things they ‘can do’ and challenging them to try and do something they are unsure off. We will be talking to the children about looking after our teeth and how best to brush our teeth (small little circles for two minutes) and they will be having fun brushing some big teeth with shaving foam and big brushes. On top of this we will be practising our scissor skills in the creating of crazy hair; playing games in a small group to support cooperating and taking turns; continue with our portraits and newspaper faces; and for those children that are ready we will be having fun with recognising and starting to write their names.

Please remember we are having two stay and play sessions this week from 9-9.30am and I know your children will love showing their parents some of the fun they have. Thank you to the parent who has contacted me regarding joining us for an activity/reading time at Pre-School. If anyone else would like to join us please either email me or jot your name down on the board at Pre-School.

A few pieces of admin to help us keep Pre-School a safe place for staff and children:

  • Nut free Pre-School – please can I ask that no nuts or nut items are sent in your child’s lunch box. Thank you.
  • Named water bottle – We do have water available for the children throughout the day but we do encourage children to bring their own water bottle into Pre-School containing water. The children are offered milk or water at snack time as well as at lunchtime.
  • Start and end of day times – As we start the new term I wanted to just confirm the start and end times of Pre-School. Rise and Shine starts at 8.15am, Pre-School gates will open at 8.50 and closed again at 9.10am. Morning session finishes at 12 noon, lunch club finishes at 1pm. The Pre-School day ends at 2.45pm (Gate opened at 2.40). Children can become quite anxious, (despite every effort by staff to distract them) if they are left waiting once all their friends have left and as you can appreciate there are many tasks that need to be completed, especially at the end of the day (including cleaning, washing up, prepping for the next day etc). We do have a late collection policy and for continual late collection there will be a charge. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.