You and me!

Your children all amazed us with their willingness to guess and smell the variety of different aromas we had on offer. To see what your children liked please pop in and have a look at the results from the smell test.

This week the doctor’s surgery is now an optician as we continue with our theme’ You and Me’. If you have any unwanted glasses or sunglasses we would be happy to have them in Pre-School (please can you remove the lenses of prescription glasses before sending them in). Throughout the forthcoming week the children will be talking about and exploring the whole body, naming parts of their body, what different functions they do as well as talking about what is under our skin. We will continue to support the children’s funky finger development as we use the tongs to move bones (dog treat bones); thread beads to decorate glasses; and add marks to the pre-drawn bodies on the floor. The children will be thinking about why we have a skeleton and having a go at creating their own skeletons from cotton buds and chalks. During the week the children will be cooperating with one another to draw around each other before matching the clothing to the appropriate part of the body. Linked to this we will be supporting the children in dressing themselves, especially locating their own shoes/wellies and putting them on. As we continue to support the children in forging friendships and learning about being a good friend we will be encouraging them to start helping others with some paired obstacle support outside and outdoor challenges. On top of all these activities we will be creating fruit bodies for snack, having fun with the sounds in our names, creating some funky glasses, making our own mirrors. Further information can be found on the entrance board in the quiet room.

Entering Pre-School for rise and shine – Following on from a review of our entering procedures it has been decided that all children will enter through the red gate and access Pre-School through the quiet room door. The staff will open and prop the gate open from 8.15am until 8.30am for rise and shine, and 8.50-9.10am for normal drop off.